Many people don’t realize that they have knowledge and skills that other people would be more than willing or even be eager to pay for. They say there is a book inside every one of us, so why not write your way to riches.
Hang on! I can hear you groaning! I hate writing, I can’t write, I don’t want to write……… or other mumblings floating around the room. Stop and think about this for a moment. It’s not as hard as you might think. You have all the equipment you need, your experience, your computer with a word processing program. That’s the basics already covered because to produce an e-book or informational product, that’s literally all you need.
Now I want you to go in the corner and talk to yourself! Seriously! Shut yourself away somewhere quiet, grab a notebook, piece of paper, whatever, find that quiet place and go and brainstorm your interests and talents, what do you know about a particular topic?
Think about the things you have achieved in life to date. Write them down in a notebook.
You will be surprised how, by just thinking about “You” and “Your” achievements to date you will get some ideas that you could more than likely use to create that book or informational report.
I bet you can come up with all sorts of things you really are quite knowledgeable about.
Let’s take a look at some suggestions on the next page.
7 Ways To Make Money Online
Create a Stable, Growing Source Of Income – 37 –
For example:
 Do you breed any kind of animals or fish?
 Do you know how to fine tune the engine of your car?
 Do you know how to loose weight and keep it away?
 Have you stopped smoking? How did you do it?
 Do you have a “crafty” type hobby you could teach others?
 Do you know how to handle the family budget?
 Do you have some family recipes to share?
 Can you paint or draw?
 Can you take stunning photos?
 Are you really enthusiastic about any particular subject?
 Do you know someone else who is really enthusiastic about any particular subject?
Well I guess you get the idea, write a few of your ideas down in that notepad for future reference.
Don’t be put off by the fact that someone may have created a similar product already.
Take a look at the cookery book market; is there just the one book available on microwave cooking? No, there are literally hundreds, each one covers microwave cooking but includes different recipes.
Take a look at the computer market; is there just one make of computer available? No there most certainly isn’t, there are Desktops, Laptops, Net-books……… well you get the idea.

Take a look at the shelves on your local supermarket, is there only one brand of anything……… no there is a lot of choice of different brands for most items.
The thing to remember here is that you don’t have to re invent the wheel, you just have to make your book, or informational report different to or better than those already published.
Step #1: Create Your Outline
 This step is absolutely crucial. You need to create an outline before you ever write a single word. A simple written or typed outline is fine. The key lies in creating your outline in a way that works for you.
 I usually start with a Title and a sub title. The title describes the report “7 ways to make money online” and the sub title describes the aim of the report “Create a stable growing source of income”
 Don’t create a super long title. Keep your title short and to the point. Anything from 3-10 words will work. The same goes for your sub title too.
 Next I outline each section of the report. In this case it is 7 sections for 7 ways. Your outline sections will then become your sub headings to work from.
 Once I have the headings for the 7 sections, I go and research each topic. Taking one topic section per day, you can very quickly put together your product.

 If you are creating a giveaway report, your report needs to be around 5-10 pages, a whole book needs to be anything over 30 pages.

Step # 2: Write Your Report/Book
Write a paragraph for each of your Outline Subheads explain briefly what that section is going to cover.
Think “basic overview” when writing. Stick to your main point – but be sure to include valuable details you’ve decided to release.
If there is a product on the market that enhances the information you have written about, point your reader to that product.
A report is generally considered successful when a purchaser learns as little as one new fact that helps them move forward in their field of interest.
A book is generally considered successful when a purchaser learns a complete new strategy that helps them to move further forward in their field of interest. For example if your book is on how to give up smoking, the reader should be able to follow your instructions and achieve that goal.
Break it up with subheads, bolding add bullet points and some appropriate graphics. Don’t overdo the graphics though, as most people still like to print out reports and e-books

Step # 3: Edit Your Report
1. When you have finished your report/book put it away for a couple of days.
2. Make sure you run a spell checker on it
3. Re-read it, looking only for spelling and syntax mistakes your spell checker doesn’t know if you meant to type “from” or “form” or “Two” or “Tow” these are easy typing mistakes that do not get picked up.
4. Read it again – out loud. Take out or rewrite anything you “trip over”.
5. Does your report read well, does it give the information the reader will be looking for?
6. Make sure your report connects step to step. Make sure you’ve stated its goal clearly in the introduction. Have you wrapped it up neatly in the final conclusion?
7. Make sure you haven’t taken for granted some vital fact that your reader needs to know.
8. Ask someone else to review your report/book, ask them for their honest thoughts. Does the report/book provide them with enough information on the subject?
9. When you are satisfied that the report or book is ready to be launched use a free program to turn the file into a pdf file.

So there you have it ‘Ways To Make Money Online” from simply selling your unwanted items to creating your own informational product.
You could simply choose to use one method alone or all seven methods together.
1. Sell your unwanted items to raise seed money
2. Sell your services (freelancing) to raise seed money
3. Sell yourself become a social marketer
4. Sell yourself become a blogger
5. Sell your ideas start a newsletter or ezine
6. Sell other peoples products – resale rights – plr rights.
7. Create your own information report or book.
Whatever method you choose I wish you well, having that extra income really will change your life. Thousands of people are making their living on line why not take the plunge and join them.

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