Free WordPress Installation

One of the most common “reason’s” I hear from would be online entrepreneurs is that they aren’t “tech savvy” and don’t really know anything about how to get started, let alone have a WordPress Website. As a result, they never actually get started, this becomes a barrier to begin.

Because I believe more people would be able to actually begin if only someone would help them get started, you will be happy to know about my FREE WordPress Installation Service.

The best part is that, I will install and set up a WordPress blog for you at no cost to you. Plus, I will also install for free the following plugins to get your website started on the right foot:

  • All In One SEO – will help your blog rank higher with the search engines
  • Google Sitemap – will help your blog pages indexed quickly on Google.
  • W3 Total Cache – will help your blog load a lot faster and handle more traffic.
  • Akismet – will kill off the comment spam.
  • After The Deadline – will proof read your blog post for grammar and spelling.

This program is being sponsored by They are my official web host and host all websites. If you were to pay someone to install WordPress and the plugins for you, it would cost you at least $100. They are actually paying me to help you.

If you act now, you can get a FREE Domain Name INCLUDED!

To get the free WordPress installation service, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Order a web hosting plan from
  2. Forward me the login information to (SUBJECT: WORDPRESS INSTALL)
  3. I’ll install WordPress for you.
  4. When Complete, I’ll email you back the login information for your new WordPress website.
  5. You can start adding content and begin blogging.

Click Here To Order Your New WordPress Blog

I will also show you how to change all your login passwords. I will not keep any of the forwarded information from Once WordPress has been set up, I will destroy the email.

bwso WordPress hosting plans start as low as $5.99 per month. They offer full service support for your hosting and offer 30 day backup files of your site.

If you’re ready to start a websites and blog right now, and I mean IMMEDIATELY, then head over to, order your hosting plan and I’ll get you started.

You can set up an account for free but following these instructions… Click here

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