domain imageSo your wanting to get online and start your own business. You need to get a website and a domain name. For some, you could just forward your domain name off to your social media page, but more on that strategy in another post.

Effectively, a url is no more than an address but without the numbers. It helps people fild you on the web. It does not have to be your business name, but a way for people to easily find your site. There are some key things to consider when getting your domain name which is your “URL”

You don’t have to spend a lot time in debate or hard decision making to get a great domain name that works. Here are some quick things to consider when getting your domain name.

1. It reflects you. Remember it is your product or business and should be reflective of that and this is where you start building a brand. Be direct with your name, if your not direct, you may seem unfocused.

2. Make it simple to remember.This is not the time to become clever. If you have an idea, but it is personal to you, it may not resonate with your audience. Your audience is the people you want to come to your site and buy.

3. Avoid these dangers. Avoid using copyright material and trademark names. This gets confusing for some but should be avoided. For example Realtor is a trademarked name. So creating a url like, “” may get you into trouble cause the word Realtor is in the title. Also, try avoiding using special characters and symbols, it is hard for others to remember your url and may lead them to someone else’s site instead.

4.Profitable url names. Profitable urls are targeted names in a specific niche. These are very good say if you were a dentist in Austin, TX. You could get and that would be a very profitable one, because people looking for  a dentist in Austin would Google it, and the name alone is relevant.  So if you are a local business and you want a profitable domain, try this to see how it works for you.

If you need a domain name just go to and do a search to see if a domain name you want is available.

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