Everybody says that the best and guaranteed way to make money online is through membership sites. Internet Marketing gurus swear by this. But how does one actually make revenue from it? Continue reading and we’ll simplify and show you how membership sites can keep you financially stable and free in the long run.

1.   Subscription and Membership Fees – So, you can have as many levels in your membership site as you want from free membership to say, bronze package to silver package to gold package. Now for people to have access to the content in your membership site, they have to pay you a certain fee. You can decide on annual fees, monthly fees, and semi-annual fees. This is your main source of income. This is the best feature of Membership sites: Recurring Income. Make sure that you drip feed your content. Do not lay out your cards all at once. That way, your members will keep coming back for more.

2.  Ad Space – Utilize Adsense and Ad Sales. Promote products and services on your Membership sites.

3.  Sell Products and Services – Become a full-pledge business person and put a specific section in your site recommending products and services connected to your niche that will further become solutions to your members’ questions and answers. You may be the proprietor of these products like digital files like ebooks or audiobooks and tangible products that can be ordered from your company and shipped to your members’ premises. So, this becomes another source of income for you. Create products or services that you know your members will have use for.

4.  Affiliate Marketing – Engage in affiliate marketing. Recommend items, products, services which you think will help your members in their hobby, trade or endeavor. Enter it joint ventures with other companies offering these things. In the process, you also get a commission out of every product or item purchased.

5.  Upsell – Your members serve as your list. These are the first people you sell your ideas and products to because these are your loyal clientele. They know who you are, an expert in a particular niche. They trust you. After establishing and nurturing a relationship with them, you are now ready to get to the next stage and that is. Upselling products to them like offering a higher tier in your membership site to promoting other services or products which may or may not be related to your membership site, for example. Send them special offers and discounts. Make it a point to create a sense of urgency in your sales pages like limited offers.

6.  Brand Recognition and Establishment as An Expert – A membership site is a calling card that indicates that you are indeed a specialist in a given field. It not only puts your name out there but also builds your credibility. People will then trust and listen to you more as opposed to a virtual unknown who does not have a membership site.

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