People keep on saying how amazing the internet is. How many people make money online, how many people are willing to spend online and that it’s a great way to promote ones products and services. We all know these. The question is how do we actually sell our business online? We’ve compiled every important marketing tool, tried and tested, to help you get your online business soaring off the ground:

1.Know Your Keywords and Work With Them

You probably have heard this before. But to compete with hundreds of other businessmen also in the same niche as you are in, your online address, websites, articles, links, and pages must be equipped with the proper keywords that will draw online users to your company. So, the first thing you have to do is research on your keywords. When a person is searching for your industry on the internet, what are the possible key phrases he or she would enter in a search engine query? Your keywords must be relevant to the popular phrases typed in by online users. There are programs out there, both free and paid, that will help you pick out the keywords relevant to your niche.

2. Get Ready To Write and  Give Good Quality Content

One of the easiest ways to promote your online business is through article marketing. Your title, headline, first paragraph, second paragraph and last paragraph must contain your keywords. Write articles ranging from 500 to 700 words. Also do follow the guidelines set out by the article directories otherwise they won’t approve of your articles.

 Your articles serve as representatives for the quality of your products or services. So give good quality content. Make pieces that are connected to your niche. Take for example, you are a dating guru and your niche is helping men gain confidence, learning how to become attractive to ladies and eventually finding the one. Write about “Ten Major Turn Offs for Women”. Or come up with a piece on “What Women Find Interesting in Men”.  Show off your expertise in your niche. Give them substantial content and even a solution to their problem. Then circulate your work online by posting them in well-established article sites like Most article directory sites allow the authors to also include a bit about themselves in their write ups, most often constituting links to the personalized websites, brief biography of the author signatures therefore your readers will know how to contact you and proceed to your websites should they want more information, products and services from your company.  Refer to No. 1, use keywords in your articles. This marketing tactic directs traffic to your site and also helps out your ranking in search engine results.

 3. Use Social Media Marketing

Get yourself an account in the popular social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Googleplus. These are excellent ways to promote your business. The interface of most social media sites is that it allows businesses to interact with clients on a day to day basis. Clients can leave comments which will help businesses improve their products and services. At the same time, FB pages, for examples allow industries to update their clients on recent events, activities and promos that they are currently holding.

 There are so many more online marketing tools that’ll help your business on the internet. Continue reading How to Promote Your Online Business II.

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