In the first part of this article, we discussed how easy it is to jumpstart your career in internet marketing and promote your online business. As with any other profession, there are various ways to advertise and get your business brand out there. We’ve already tackled a couple of ways to advertise your internet business and earn a sizeable and stable income, namely: knowing your keywords, promoting your business by writing and becoming social media savvy. Continue reading to learn about three more ways to promote your business.

  1. Affiliate With An Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing is a system where you sell products or services of businessmen and in turn every item that you successfully market to the visitor automatically warrants you a fixed commission based on the value of same product or service in the transaction. Normally, there are two options here. One can opt to become an affiliate wherein the business you are promoting rewards an individual for contribution to the revenue or offer an affiliate marketing program to affiliate. Since you are promoting your online business, you can either join a marketing program or establish one yourself. There are various topics to choose from, various niches to decide on. When choosing an affiliate program or setting up one, make sure that the program offers good quality products or services and unique and substantial incentives.

2.  Invest In PPC or Pay-Per-Click

This is a marketing campaign where online users are encouraged and invited to click on certain advertisements which will then in turn direct them to the websites of the advertisers. Every click, as the name connotes, entitles the user to some cash incentive. This ingenious plan gets more leads to your website, draws more traffic to your online address and increases the chances of converting your visitors into customers. Pay-Per-Click marketing can be likened to Search Engine Marketing only this time users are given incentives for clicking on their ads.

3. Build E-mail List and Get Busy With Email Marketing

We all need a list. This constitutes the group of people who will more likely than not buy your products and services, invest in your business and listen in to your next internet venture. One of the best ways to start creating a list is by Email Marketing and Opt-in Marketing. Invite people to become part of your list by offering various incentives or free items to them like newsletters, free webinars, tips, ebooks, etc. Draw the interest of visitors using effective sales letters with call to action. Give something valuable in return so that they would willingly hand out and share their contact details with you. Managing these kinds of systems is made easy with autoresponders that are a dime a dozen in the internet.

So, now you’re ready to get started and start making money online!

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