Are you still struggling in getting visitors to your website? Have you been consuming your business expenses on advertising campaigns that show no results? Read on to learn the internet secrets that’ll guarantee you more traffic to your website for a reasonable amount of money.

  1. Narrow Down Your Target Market and Invest in A List – The best referral is from someone you know. You buy things based on the recommendations of people you know. This is the logic behind building your own list of loyal clientele. Nurture and establish a relationship with them. Constantly communicate with them through newsletters, freebies and providing solutions to their problems. Once you have done all these, then you can upsell your products and services.


  1. Write and Post – Create valuable write-ups relating to your niche and business and submit your work all over the internet. Post in popular article directories, social media sites and blog sites. This will give you media mileage and maximum exposure all over the web.


  1. Be Active in Forums – Join forums which is connected to your niche or have members which may be interested in what you are offering in your website. Become an important member of the community and interact with the other members. Ask thought provoking questions that would cause members to give their opinions. Give your valuable insight in discussions. Once you’ve proven yourself as an expert in your particular field, the members in the community would definitely want to learn more about you and from you and click on your links.


  1. Video Marketing – With this day and age, people are more inclined to watch a video than read. 70% of the people online get on Video sites. So get started on video marketing and post your videos in popular video sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler, Daily Motion and Kewego. Don’t forget to use videos on your websites. Talk to your visitors, show them who you are, give your website a more personal touch.


  1. Engage in Joint Ventures with Internet Marketing Gurus – This way you’ll be able to refer people to him or her and vice versa. Establish a give and take relationship with other online entrepreneurs.


  1. Do Not Underestimate the Power of Freebies – Offer your prospects free items. Free e-books, free tutorials, free webinars, free consultations, etc. Internet Marketing experts swear on this marketing tip which always increases their conversion rates.
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