Method #13: Find a Freelance
Babysitting Job
If you’re tired of reading guides that supposedly will teach you how to make
money online—but do little other than belch hot air about some business
opportunity—then this method will come as a breath of fresh air to you.
Instead of creating a website, building traffic over time, creating a product, and
then waiting for the profits to flow in, you can simply look for a babysitting job that
will likely pay you cash (and possibly even the same day).
Today, the process of getting a babysitting job isn’t the same as it was 10 years
ago. You don’t need to know someone who knows someone who needs a
babysitter. All you have to do is locate good places online to find parents who
need babysitters; and then submit dozens of job applications. In a matter of
hours, you very well could have a job lined up for tonight.
Start by going to This is one of the best places to find sitting jobs.
All you have to do there is create a profile, and do a good job of advertising
yourself. Remember to highlight things about yourself that will put potential
employers at ease; and will communicate to them that you will be good sitter.
In addition to this, there are two other things you may want to consider doing: 1)
allowing to run a background check on you, so that you can
demonstrate to parents that you do not pose any threat to the children. Also, you
may want to consider including a picture of yourself in your profile, so that your
application has a more human feel to it.
In addition to, there are many other places for you to locate sitting
jobs. One of those places is You can start by going to the site
and then selecting the major city closest to your place of residence.
Once you have done this, browse and search through the “gigs” and “jobs”
section to locate promising sitting jobs. Look for parents who are willing to pay
cash; and who need a sitter immediately (perhaps because they have plans for
the evening). Since they will have fewer options and will be in a rush, there’s a
better chance they’ll select you and do so without taking up a lot of your time with
interviews, questions, and other formalities.
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Overall, this strategy is an excellent way to make cash fast when you’re in a bind.
This is especially true if you have past sitting experience or have had children of
your own.

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