Method #20: Make a 5/95 JV Offer
If you’re really desperate and need cash fast, then it may be time to start trying to
solicit the help of others more aggressively. One way to do this is to make offers
that they cannot refuse. For instance, you could offer to develop a product
independently and at your own expense (and also agree to revise it until the JV
partner finds it acceptable) if your partner will give you a mere 5% split of the
profits she receives from promoting it.
While it might seem like you’re giving away too much here for it to be worth it,
this can often be one of your best options when you’re in a bind. If even one
marketer with a large list accepts this offer, you have the potential to make
hundreds—if not thousands—of sales. This could translate into you making
several hundred dollars in the span of two weeks.
– 33 –

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