Method #5: Sell Your Own Special
Reports… The Fast Way
As I said in the introduction, my goal in this e-book is not to tell you how to build a
business. I want to tell you how to make money immediately. If you end up with a
successful business as a byproduct, then that’s just a bonus.
With that said, it’s important to realize that online businesses don’t usually turn a
profit overnight. Instead, it is usually a long process that will only turn a profit after
months have passed.
There are two general reasons why online businesses usually don’t turn a profit
quickly. The first is that many Internet-based business owners have little or no
formal training; and often make serious errors in the implementation stage. And
the second reason is that good long-term business plans generally require you to
gradually promote your site through things like search engine optimization, crosspromotional
agreements, and joint ventures.
While these long-term techniques are essential for business plans, they won’t
work to make you money tonight. If you want to make money tonight, you
essentially have two options: 1) you can use PPC advertising; or 2) you can use
word-of-mouth advertising. Other than that, it is unlikely that other techniques will
yield immediate sales.
With that said, let’s breakdown the process step-by-step, so that you can
understand how to make a quick profit with this technique.
– 12 –
Step #1: Create Your Product… Fast
When it comes to writing a special report, don’t be a perfectionist. Spend no more
than a half hour to come up with your topic. Once you’ve done that, spend no
more than two hours researching the topic. And once you’ve done that, spend no
more than five hours to write the report.
When you’re done with the whole process, stop working on your report for the
night. Come back to it the following day, edit it thoroughly, format it, and then
create a PDF version. Even though your goal is to do everything quickly, you
should make sure that it is error-free, well written, and contains useful
Additionally, as a general rule, you should pick a topic you’re already familiar
with. If you’re familiar with Internet marketing, write a report about Internet
marketing. If you’re a good cook, write a report about cooking. If you know
something about buying cars, then write a guide about that.
Whatever you do, make sure that you come up with a catchy hook for your
product. There should be something about your special report that others will find
interesting; and that will draw them to buy. With the vast amount of free
information widely available on the Internet, it is critical to be able to market your
product in a way that differentiates from everything else available.
Once you complete your product, it’s time to move on to the site-building phase.
Step #2: Build Your Site… Quickly
Again, the point of this exercise is to get your product made and put in front of as
many buyers as quickly as possible. This means that you can’t take your time
when it comes to the site-building phase.
I personally suggest that you register a domain, purchase cheap hosting, and
immediately install a plug-in that will allow you to edit your site using a what-yousee-
is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor. Most hosting sites will offer a large
variety of these editors, but I suggest using something simple and something that
offers a lot of different templates. WordPress is probably a good option.
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Once you’ve installed the WYSIWYG editor, it’s time to select a good sales page
template. Your choice should be clean, professional, and free of distractions,
such as links to other pages.
After you do that, it’s time to put up a salesletter. Again, time is of the essence,
so don’t bother with long-copy. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Make sure
you have a good hook, a number of bullet points that highlight the products
benefits (rather than features), and a call to action (to buy).
Finally, add a PayPal payment button. If you want to ensure that you make sales
immediately, it’s a good idea to keep the price low (say, between $3 and $7).
This will ensure that you maintain a high conversion rate.
Step #3: Advertise
Once you have a functioning sales page, a product to sell, and check-out system,
it’s time to begin advertising your product. However, in this case, it’s a good idea
to skip SEO and slow promotional methods—and move immediately to PPC and
word-of-mouth advertising.
As far as PPC advertising goes, this is as simple as creating a Google Adwords
account and making several advertising campaigns. Remember to focus each
campaign narrowly. Also, remember to use the root keyword in your campaign
multiple times in your advertisement, so that it shows up in bold when people see
your ad.
Finally, once you have your PPC campaign working, consider using some wordof-
mouth channels to spread the word about your product. If you are a member of
online forums related to your product’s niche, you should include a link to your
salespage in your signature; and make an effort to post frequently, so that others
see it. You should also consider offering a deal to members of the forum.
If you want to make cash fast, selling your products online is always a good
option; however, you cannot do it using the conventional formula for Internet
business creation. Instead, you have to cut out all obstacles that will slow down
payments, slow down traffic flows, and generally prevent you from realizing a
profit within days.
– 14 –
Using the template I’ve given above, you should be able to make money within
days, as long as you push yourself to stick to the timeline I’ve suggested.

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