Method #15: Use Twitter to Market
Your Myspace Forum Product
If you used method #14, you now have an inexpensive, entry-level product, a
sales page, and a check-out system. All you need to do now is direct additional
traffic to it. While posting on Myspace Forums was a good way to start, there are
still a lot of options available for traffic generation.
One such option is Twitter. If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter, it’s a social
networking service that allows you to add and remove friend as you would on
Myspace or Facebook. The difference is that the main purpose of Twitter is to
send out 140-character “tweets” to your friends; and, in return, to read what they
are tweeting about.
Of course, this network can also be used to make money. To do this, you’ll need
to start by creating an account if you do not already have one. After that, you will
want to begin adding people who might be good targets for your sales campaign.
You can do this by searching to see who is tweeting about topics related to your
product. You can then add them.
After a week or so, if you worked diligently, you will have hundreds of followers.
What you should do next is begin making tweets that do not directly pitch your
product. Instead, they should simply communicate interesting and useful
information about your product niche.
Your goal in this whole process is to spur some interest in your twitter profile,
which is where you will place a link to your salespage. That’s right: instead of
using your profile to conduct a massive pitchfest, you will use it to draw people in
naturally, so that they view your profile on their own terms—and then decide
whether to buy.
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