Do You Really Need Your Own Website?
There are two schools of thought here; it is possible to start making money online without a website of your own, however having a web presence as soon as possible will help you to further monetize your efforts.
With your own web site, you can put up a page to capture visitors email addresses and start building a list. A list can be one of the most profitable assets of your online business. We’ll cover more on that later.
So where can you sell online to raise money, without having to have your own web site. you can post any unwanted item for sale through their classified advertising pages. you can post any unwanted item for sale through their classified advertising pages. mostly suited for the USA only. whilst not free you can pay to list any unwanted item for sale through their auction system. or again not free, but eliminates the need to have your site up and running on day one.

The purpose of listing where you can just sell things is so you can raise money to fund your online business. No business ever started out without some kind of initial cost, even Sir Richard Branson needed money to make those phone calls from the payphone.
Don’t worry though, you won’t need a fortune a minimum of $49.95 will do, so please don’t tell me you spent it on that get rich quick idea.
Before we get going and planting those seeds of money making ideas, there is one important thing you must do even before you list your ad on craigslist or your item for sale on EBay, you need some way of accepting money from your prospective purchasers.
One of the most widely used payment processors on the internet whether you love them or hate them is PayPal.
You can open a personal account with PayPal and you can open a premier or business account too. However, each PayPal account must have a unique email address and a separate set of financial information recorded in order for you to use it.
If you only have one bank account and one credit/debit card, you will only be allowed one PayPal account. The best option here is to open either a Premier or Business Account.
If you are thinking of using EBAY you most definitely would be better off opening a Premier or Business Account.
The following screen shot shows the differences between the types of accounts you can have.

It is simple and easy to open a PayPal account, just log in to your local PayPal site and follow their instructions.
If you are unfortunate enough to live in a Country where PayPal is not available, the Ebay option will not be allowed either. There are other online payment systems you can use.
Alertpay is a little more expensive to use than PayPal but supports far more Countries. It is easy to set up an account. Choose your Country, the kind of account you wish to have, enter your details and validate those details. That’s it you should be up and running in no time.

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