Well, ok maybe its not so exciting. But is apparently is the secret. What is it? Consistency.  Yes, the secret is consistency. When you think of consistency, you may not consider it to be the  secret of success. However, when I watched, “The Secret” and other programs like it, they usually talk about the “mental” part of success. Well, the mental part is also consistent, and people get what they consistently think about.

As a friend of mine always says, “habits win over will power.” You may have the will to win but unless you have the habit of doing what needs to be done to win, you probably won’t.  That’s how it is for internet marketers, and even network marketers. Because they are now able to work from home, they don’t keep the habits from “work” they maintain the “home” habits.

How do you break free from this and experience the kind of success you imagined for yourself when you dove into this great venture? Simple steps can make a huge differences, just follow these rules”

  1. Make a plan for your results
  2. Plan when you are going to work your plan
  3. Commit to your plan and schedule
  4. Then actually work the schedule for success.

The reason you may have to do more at first is because you are doing something different and you need incorporate that habit. Practice, drill, and rehearse your success into a habit.

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