One of the best businesses on the internet right now is Membership Sites. Membership sites, because of its nature, can provide you with steady and recurring income for years. Of course, your niche must be something that can attract a lot of subscribers.

There are no rules to establishing membership sites. What is important is that people are willing to subscribe to your site and are interested in the content of your site.


The more popular niches for membership sites are the following:

  1. Health and fitness;
  2. Weight loss;
  3. How to make money online;
  4. Dating sites; and
  5. Personality development sites.

A lot of Internet Mentors, for example, use membership sites as a venue to gather and teach students by putting up modules or videos on their sites, establishing forums for free flowing interactions between coaches and students and setting up how to videos and blogs.

Your niche must be something that already has a huge market that has, take note and this is very important, SPENDING POWER and IS WILLING TO PAY YOU. And it must be interesting enough to entice people to enroll as new members.

Narrow down your niche. Trim down the topic of your site. This will help you find your target market. You can also look for things that you are passionate about. What aspects do you want to pursue or you consider yourself are an expert on? Then ask yourself if it has a particular market? You have to consider if there are people willing to pay you for your expertise and information. Then when you have found such a niche, give the people what they want and offer them solutions to their problems.

It is true that information is free online. Anyone can learn anything by using the internet. But this is time consuming and not all of the information online is reliable. Your subscribers pay you for your expertise and the precious time and energy that your membership site has saved them.

You don’t need to spend a lot of cash or some geeky degree or diploma to put up your own membership site. There are a lot of user friendly software programs in the market that can easily set up and hook you up with your very own membership site. All you need is hosting, website and online services that run your membership site for you.

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