Gone are the days when advertising meant print ads, huge boards overlooking the city or commercial productions on the television. These promotional antics, highly antiquated and pricey business expenditures have become dinosaurs. As a matter of fact, the yellow pages have gone off the grid. This is why social media marketing is a must  for your business.

As an indication of the overwhelming influence of the internet explosion, marketing campaigns have evolved and gone online. Advertisers, press relation companies, managers realized the absorption of people all over the world with the internet particularly social media sites. The ingenious enterprising ones started promoting on the web their goods, services, personalities and brands.

Why? Let us count the ways:

Affordable, need I say more

The thing with social media marketing is that it is cost efficient. It does not cost you a fortune to promote your company or brand on YouTube or Facebook, for example. You just need a laptop, internet connection, inspiration and ingenuity. Or you could always hire the services of a dedicated social media marketing expert who can work for you.

World Wide Web = World Wide Market

The great thing about the internet is its extensive user base. Everybody in the world has access online which means your market has just gotten so much bigger. Your clients make up people from all over the world. That is the source of your supply. Everyone.

Interactive means good for business

The internet is an amazing platform for both business owners and fans or clients. As a business owner or public personality you can create a more profound and tangible relationship with your market or fan base. Twitter and Facebook are among the social media sites that permit this kind of dynamics where you can constantly update your members or subscribers of your events, upcoming products and just about anything under the sun. The fans and clients on the other hand are given the opportunity to comment and give their reaction and reviews. This in turn gives you, companies, businesses the chance to tweak and make your products or services better for their convenience.

Take a page from the books of Lady Gaga, Old Spice, ChapStick and writers like Susan Elizabeth Phillips and J.K.Rowling who are actively and successfully crushing their competition by using the internet and its ammunition of social media goodies to promote themselves all over the world.

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