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Tyson is a Katapult Coach and offers the Katapult Premier Life Coach Certification, which brings decades of wisdom and professionalism. We’ve designed our certification to not just improve your credentials, but to cause clarity of purpose, mastery of business, superior decision making, and inspire you to change your life and the ones around you.

In 6 weeks, we will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to transform your life and organization. Top leaders around the world have chosen Katapult for their Life Coach Certification process.

I went through the process that Tyson Russell taught Today and I’m glad I did.
My January 2021 overview. So that you know I’m working on 2 businesses. The online and the art business.
Out of the 17 things I wanted, I accomplished 16. I didn’t finish only 1 and for a good reason, it needed more time to brew. It will roll over to February. Not a bad start of 2021. I’m having my glass of wine to celebrate, I had no idea I did so much until I sat and reflected.
I suggest you do this process, it really gives you a reality check, sometimes a positive one.



  • How to be a Coachable Coach
  • How to establish the Client-Coach relationship
  • How to create balance in your life and in the lives of your clients
  • Defining your passion and key niche areas in the Life Coaching field
  • How to help people discover their own personal definition of success
  • How to facilitate coaching from the core
  • Concepts of Katapult’s Co-Active Coaching
  • How to secure more clients and customers
  • How to market and brand yourself and your business
  • Success and Wisdom lessons that will stay with you for life

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