Lots and lots of people make extra money by Freelancing; some people are full time freelancers, whilst others simply carry out ad hoc tasks as their time permits.
Freelancing is no more than selling you time and specialist skill for money. The freelancing market place continues to grow, with more and more opportunities becoming available as the internet grows.
Apart from the well know sites where competition for freelancing work is high, sites like www.Elance.com
Rentacoder which has now changed its’ name to www.vworker.com

There are other sites to apply to try too when looking for freelance work. Take a look at; www.peopleperhour.com too.
Another new and popular player to the freelance market place is www.fiverr.com I’m always amazed at what people will do for $5!
Newer arrivals on the scene of the $5 theme are:
http://www.fivepoundjobs.com – not a busy site, and may not last the test of time.
http://www.taskarmy.com – free to sign up for. Highest fee paid per job is 80% of $99 the following chart shows how their system works. All payments are made through PayPal.
One of the busiest internet marketing forums on the Internet, the Warrior Forum has now added an area to the site where other members pay to post jobs that they would like to have done.
Look for the section Warrior Products & Services
At the time of writing, you can join the Warrior Forum for Free and get access to this part of the forum. This may change in the future.
Another new arrival to the freelancing market place is www.scriptslisting.com this again is a forum site. Just register for a free account. At present there are no fees charged for either the freelancer or the person wishing to have the works carried out.
You have to make 3 posts to the forum before you can list any works that you are prepared to undertake. Once you have made the three posts you can enter your “gig” in any section of the board ranging from the $5 gig section up to the $50 gig section. $50 is the highest price you can ask for.
The forum rules are pretty strict for the seller (you the freelancer) so I’d suggest you read them, understand them and adhere to them.
So there you have it 7 sites to join to make money Freelancing.

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