Perhaps the thought of publishing your own newsletter or e-course is a little bit daunting, well here are a few more ideas to think about and most certainly will shorten the learning curve or product creation process for you.
You can use other people’s products to build your list.
Another part of the Warrior forum is filled with freebies that you can legally use to start building your list. It’s the famous WSO section of the board. Let’s take a look now and see what we can find. Look for the section Warrior Special Offers
Scroll through the pages and look for anything that says free + PLR or + Giveaway rights. Read the terms of the licence if it says you can’t give the product away then move on, you will need a product that allows you to give it away for free to start building your list.
Other places to look, try using the search engines, use the term
Some amazing sites will be found using that search term. Don’t spend weeks downloading everything just choose one or two e-books that will be complimentary to your niche.

I’ve listed some sites here where E-books are available for free download. Some will require you to join their site by giving an email address before you can download the products; some will just let you download for free. Remember we are looking for a product with Giveaway rights. Any E-book on a topic related to the niche you have chosen will do as long as it contains the following statement somewhere within it.
This site has lots of e-books all with giveaway rights. No signup required.
This site has a few e-books on various niche topics the majority of them have giveaway rights. Email sign up required. Be warned though, there are about 6 exit pops when you try to leave the site.
This site lists all the giveaway events going on throughout the year. You can usually join these events as a member for free. Don’t though get carried away downloading everything, take a look through the list of products available and only download the products that are suitable for your niche.

This site lists current giveaway events you can sign up to the announcement list to be notified when a new giveaway is announced.
Giveaway events are great for sourcing free reports that you can use to start building your list with.
Resell Rights products more often than not must be resold, however any that you come across that have those magic words either in the licence file or in the e-book itself “Congratulations you now have Rights to Giveaway this Book” is as they say, Good to go.
Here is a list of resell rights sites, some of them have a free membership section, and their aim of course is to get you to sign up to a higher paid level.
For some of the best PLR sites none of these are free, take a look at
Some links are not working however it is a great resource site.

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